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23399665_s.jpgThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently revealed that a total of 14.6 million plastic surgeries were performed in the US in 2010 alone. This shocking study shows that there was a 5% increase in the number of patients going for cosmetic surgery since 2011. Some of the most common procedures listed in their findings included: facelifts, breast surgery, and reconstructive treatment for abnormal body structures.

The demand for surgery in states like Tennessee has also increased over the past few years and contributed to the final nationwide statistics.  Even though this state is known for music production, healthcare is actually one of its largest and most valuable income-generating industries. The state alone is home to more than 300 health care companies. They include public and private hospitals. From the year 2012, this region created at least 200,000 jobs in the health care industry and more than $30 billion as yearly revenue from the same.And, as is clear from the Nashville Health Care Council’s mission statement, they intend to be the “nation’s healthcare industry capital.”

Cosmetic surgery is also widely seen as one of the most profitable specialties in the medical industry. In Nashville, TN, there are many healthcare institutions that provide affordable surgery for all residents. Gone are the days when this procedure was seen as a luxury and only affordable to the rich and famous individuals in society.

Nowadays, people do not have to live with undesirable features on their body. Whether they have broken their noses, or are too large, these professional surgeons can fix it. The same case applies to people who need breast implants, facelift, hair reconstruction, or any other procedure.

3 Things plastic surgery can do for you

Restoration of self-esteem

One of the most frequently asked questions about plastic surgery has to do with self-esteem. This type of surgery is often associated with people who have a low self-esteem which is understandable, as a result of their physical features. Some get mocked by their peers at home, school, and other places and this eventually destroys their self-esteem. The good thing about surgery is that, it can rebuild your self-esteem and make you confident in front of anyone else.

The health aspect

Surgery also comes with additional health benefits. For example, there have been cases in the past in some hospitals in Tennessee where some patients had to undergo surgery to help them breathe better or eliminate anything that risks their health. Surgery is not only meant to help you look better and restore your confidence, but also improves your general wellbeing and a good example is liposuction for overweight individuals.

The emotional aspect

Some people suffer physically, mentally and emotionally because of their looks. When they get the chance to improve them through surgery, it usually marks the end of their pain or at least, part of it. The chance of experiencing these three benefits can be increased only when you hire professionals who have been certified and licensed by reputable bodies.

The state of Tennessee and the surrounding major cities such as Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin are home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the US. Whether your skin looks too old or breast too small, modern technology can help improve how you look. You just need to find reputable and professional surgeons in this city to restore your happiness.

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